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Plays by Michael Conley, including...

At rise, Bryan is downstage,
lost in thought:
"Am I gay man who happens
to be Deaf?  Or a Deaf man
who just happens to be gay?"
So begins Reading Lips, a play about being gay, being deaf and the challenges of being on the cusps of two different cultures.
It is one of ten comedy-dramas Michael Conley has written about his own experiences growing up in the Midwest, living in New York and being a Deaf man and a man. 
Each play - even the shortest - offers actors and directors the opportunity to create full-rounded characters and stories that relate to all audiences.

On this website, you'll find a Synopsis
of Reading Lips, background on the Author, details on a group of One-Acts that can be produced independently or as an evening, and More Plays, featuring longer one-acts.  Plus how to Contact me with questions and more details.  

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