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More Plays: Long One-Acts

The Doppler Effect (long one-act)
Robert has allowed his life to be taken over by social media and superficiality as a way of avoiding commitment and dulling the emptiness of teaching high school Math.  Now his girlfriend has left him and he searches through his past, meeting himself as a 12 year old boy -- with more answers than he ever had. 
(90 minutes.  Three men and one woman portray seven characters.)

Rudolf Bing At Twilight (long one-act)
The former maestro of the Metropolitan Opera has descended into Alzheimer’s.  Now a national joke, he encounters the spirit of Maria Callas, who has come back to exact her revenge.  A fantasia drama about creating art, surviving and reconciling, and
discovering “what endures."
(75 minutes.  Two men and two women.)

Franklin and His Friends (long one-act)
This comedy-drama follows five gay men in New York in the 1950s who set about to create the world for themselves "in our image."  Along the way, they encounter naming names, racism and the same challenges we meet today.  (75 minutes.  Five men portray six characters.) 

Asters, Helinium and Goldenrod  (one-act)

Emily Whitsell Haddan challenges sexism from women as well as men as she ages from 18 to her late 80s.  
(60 minutes.  Emily Hadden is portrayed by one actress.  Three women and one man portray seven other characters.) 
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