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First Date (one act)*
Mark and Kurt have slept together several times.  Now Mark says he won’t have sex again until they meet for coffee and have a conversation.  So… they’re meeting for coffee.  But the conversation part is harder.
(45 minutes)

Five Endings (one act)*

After his boyfriend leaves him, Perry fantasizes several different ways that their relationship could possibly end.  Built upon Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s model of the five stages of grief.  (Don't worry: it's funny.  20 minutes)

Length or Girth (one act)*
Mr. Hardy approaches Colin with an offer that every man dreams of.  But of course there’s a catch.  (20 minutes)

Frank Talk (one act)*Frank thinks he and Howard have so much in common – until he finds out that Howard is straight.  Now he worries: "If after living in New York, I still can't tell the difference between a gay man and a straight man, what hope is there for me?"  (10 minutes) 

Epidemic Episodes  (one act)*Leo and Paul move across the landscape of AIDS and HIV, from the 1980s into the new century in this harrowing and angry play about rage and surviving.  (25 minutes)  

Speed Dating (one-act)
Five couples in six scenes (all portrayed by the same two actors) flirt, argue, appall and charm their ways into someone else’s heart.
(15 minutes.  One woman and one man portray 10 characters.)
*These two-character one-acts about gay men have been produced independently.  They can also be presented together (two, three or all) under the umbrella title, Men About Town.
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